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7 major problems with feng shui in Bathroom

The bathroom is a place where sewage is drained and has a profound impact on home Feng Shui. If it is not cleaned up, moisture, odor, odor, bacteria, and mold will go to other rooms in the room. In addition to affecting the family’s fortune, it will also Invisibly affect the health of family members.

1.The toilet should not be in the middle of the house

The bathroom is in the center of the house, the middle palace in the nine-square grid. The middle palace is regarded as the center of Tai Chi. The most important center of Tai Chi is in a dirty environment. Good luck and wealth are immediately washed away by the toilet. The bathroom is in the middle of the house. The dirty and odor in the room is not easy to be discharged outside. In addition, the bathroom is heavy in water and it is easy to breed bacteria. Such an environment can easily affect the health of the family, especially the heart, blood circulation and urinary system.

02. See the bathroom at the door

The left side of the door (the person facing the outside) is "Qinglong Fang" (when entering the door facing the right side of the room), the bathroom is located on the Qinglong side. Dragons are afraid of odors. When they enter the door, they will encounter odors, which will inevitably lead to the absence of nobles; Jiayi can cause emotional impact, which can easily lead to disputes, and odor can also affect health problems. It is easy for family members to continue to take drugs and lose money.

03. The door should not be facing the bathroom door

The door is an important passage for entering and exiting the house. It is like a human mouth. As soon as you enter the door, you face the bathroom door. The moisture and foul air inside the bathroom directly rushes to the "mouth". The head and neck of the family will often be sore and easy. It causes bad influences such as quarreling, committing villains, and losing money.

04. The toilet cannot be in the kitchen

Among the five elements, all things have the law of mutual generation and mutual restraint. The five elements of the toilet are water, and the kitchen is fire. The toilet produces the phenomenon of water and fire in the kitchen, which suppresses the fortune of money. In addition, the smell of the toilet will also diffuse into the kitchen, of course. Let fortune and health be affected.

05. The toilet should not be facing the bathroom door

The toilet is facing the bathroom door. When the bathroom door is opened, the foul air is carried out with the flow of air, polluting other spaces in the room. If this pattern exists in the family, the urinary system, digestive system and skin conditions of the family are not ideal.

06. The toilet should not be changed into a bedroom

Modern homes are mostly the residential model of the community. The bathroom in the house is changed into a bedroom, while the upper and lower floors are still the bathroom. In this way, the bedroom is sandwiched by the two floors of bathroom and toilet, and the dirty air flows up and down. Humidity is detrimental to the homeowner. People sleeping in it are called "soaking shit," and the fortune is of course very bad.

07. Glass doors should not be used in the bathroom

The bathroom is a place for bathing and excretion. It is a very private place. If the glass door is used, its privacy will be reduced and the user will be psychologically burdened. If this happens, the user will easily get constipation, bladder inflammation and other digestive and urinary diseases. But the bathroom and toilet can be separated by a glass door.

▲The bathroom uses glass doors.

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