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1 Put a pair of stone lions in the living room so that female friends can hold their other half calmly. The ancients believed that this was the best way to control the husband.

2 Let the other person sleep inside the bed Generally speaking, we will let the man sleep on the window or the outside of the bed. This is to allow this man to take over the power of the home, but also because the side by the window belongs to the peach side, let the man Sleeping near the window will make men more masculine and have more peach blossoms. If your other half is of the type with too many peach blossoms, you may do the opposite and let the other person sleep inside the bed, but this way , Will be replaced by the woman and become feminist!

3 Put the clothes worn by the other party under the pillows Put the underwear worn by the other party under each other's pillows, this can make the other party ’s aura and you into one, and let the couple get along lovingly.

4 The bedroom door is best on the right side when you are lying on the bed. The door in the front left corner represents the sovereignty of men, so if female sovereignty is required in the home, the door should be in the front right; The side is also preferably the position of the moving line, which is the most ideal.

5.In the northwest corner of the bedroom place a vast,the northwest is the father position, that is belong to the male master. Put a round vase in the northwest corner to make the vase round the master. The habit of the man will be more tame without knowing it. If you put something sharp in the northwest corner, it will make the male master look vicious and hegemonic.

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