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2021 zodiac Ox Fortune

2021 zodiac ox

The fortune of the zodiac is only based on the good or bad luck of the zodiac to cut off the fortune of the year. There are certain limitations. The good or bad for a year should be comprehensively analyzed based on the year, month, and time of the individual's birth. But the zodiac still has a high reference value. People of the genus Ox enter the Year of the Ox. This year’s poor luck zodiac rankings are for cattle, sheep, horse, and dog. These zodiac signs are all years of Tai Sui this year, and cattle in 2021 represent physical health and financial damage. , Especially cattle born in autumn and winter, wealth is easy to gain or lose, and there is the phenomenon of depletion. People born in spring (first month to March of the lunar calendar) can only describe their wealth fortune without losing their wealth; those born in the summer of the genus of cattle will have the smoothest overall fortune in 2021, and their mood will be happier than before

What should a cow wear in 2021?

The custom of wearing a good luck mascot is to hope that the mascot can bring good luck and auspiciousness to oneself in the new year. People in the genus of cattle can use the bronze chicken as the mascot of 2021. The chicken is the nobleman of the ox. Because of the lucky homophony, the chicken is given auspicious meaning. The rooster sends the morning to the dawn, calling for the dawn, so it is the image of light. Therefore, the folks also regard the chicken as a mascot to ward off evil spirits. At the same time, the chicken is also a three-in-one nobleman of the cow, which means that the nobleman protects the assessment and is auspicious and safe. In this year of birth, you can be supported by the nobles, work hard, reverse the fortune, your family business will flourish, and your wealth will continue. You can also wear a bronze chicken bracelet at the same time, which means to increase luck, protect the nobles, and be safe throughout the year.

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