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2021 Lucky Money Secrets

2021 Lucky Money Secrets

*Place vases and small lamps at the financial position

The big fortune in 2021 is in the "West". You can put a vase with a little water in it, preferably from the bank's "fascinating water." In addition, place a small lamp next to the vase and light it continuously for seven or forty-nine days to illuminate your financial position, which can attract wealth for you.

*Place a pair of Pao Yao in the financial position

Pai Yao is a divine beast that feeds on money. He likes to bite money and absorb wealth from all directions. In this year's big financial position, "Western" can put a pair of Pai Yao, representing one yin, one yang, one male and one female, the male bites the money, and the mother keeps the money. Then put the winning lottery tickets or the money picked up on the ground, the so-called "money mother", next to the brave, it will be more profitable! If you don’t know where the north, south, east, and west are located, you can also put it on the diagonal of the entrance.

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