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2020 Tai Sui location - Year of Rat

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

First ,2020 is the Year of the Rat. The Tai Sui is in the north, what Tai Sui do?If you are rate then you are the Tai Sui year and need to be careful, sometime nothing happen but some people will get into series problems ,you must also be careful of the influence of the Tai Su ,you can fo to temple to get a bless and pray to release the bad energy .

SOUTH is San Sha location ,what is San Sha?this location is against Tai Sui ,so it's series dangerous location ,must avoid to any construction on both side .

Second is the FLYING STARS ,9 different flying star fly to different location from time to time ,the flying stars actually affect people's luck very much,they have a greater impact on various aspects such as career, wealth, relationship and health.Flying stars have nine different stars and they all have different effect to us ,wherever they fly to,if we can use their effect to avoid problems and motivate good one ,then we should have very smoothly year ,if we don't know how to control them ,then we might get into deep trouble and too late to solve and get into disaster ,therefore, the position of good and bad we must know how they function and where are they locate every year ,sometime even every month if you wish have a excellent life.

Here is a chart for 9 different stars their effect:

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