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Why do rich people believe in Feng Shui?

Why are houses known as good feng shui always easy to get rich?

Why do business people always pay attention to the furnishings in the office?

Why in the same house, one is happy and full, but the other is desolate?

Why is it that when I move to a new residence or office, I always feel unwell, or my wealth is weakened?

The shops in the same district have some customers full of customers, but some are deserted?

If you think this is just a personal habit or luck, you are very wrong!

Is Feng Shui really important?

It is almost certain that the vast majority of houses have Feng Shui problems whether they are home or office. Because the quality of the house depends not only on the direction we are familiar with, but also on the influence of the external environment. The time of stay depends on the birth date of the homeowner, and many other factors that need to be paid attention to!

Moving into the wrong house at the wrong time, it only takes 1 week at the earliest, which will directly affect the career, health, marriage, and childbirth of you and your family. But this does not mean that if you are fine for a week, you will be fine! ! ! From the moment you move in, Feng Shui can have up to 100 years of influence on your house! So, how to choose a house that suits you, how to lay out your house, a house that is balanced in all aspects will help you prosper your career, be healthy, have a happy marriage, and have a lot of children and grandchildren!

There are too many houses with feng shui problems. It is precisely because many people do not pay attention to the feng shui problems of the house before buying a house, so after moving in, various problems arise; and even if the right house is chosen, it is not Knowing the layout of home Feng Shui will also have a great impact.

Feng Shui problems exist in most houses

House corner

The lack of corners of houses is a typical problem of feng shui of the type of houses. Which aspect is lacking will adversely affect the people in which aspect. For example, the lack of Northeast is unfavorable to the growth of boys, prone to problems such as poor grades and health discomfort; if the lack of Northwest, it will adversely affect the career and wealth of the male owner of the family, etc.

Evil star

Flying stars directly affect the luck of the house, among which 5 yellow stars are disaster stars and evil stars. The door is an important air outlet for the apartment type. If a 5 yellow star comes to the door, it generally represents unsuccessful information such as accidental disaster, luck blockage, and wealth damage. No matter whether it is a house or a company, 5 yellow evil stars come to the door, which is a key to the solution of the feng shui of the house.

Comparing with the zodiac

The feng shui situation of residence or company type varies from person to person, and different zodiac signs have different good and bad luck. It is most forbidden that the door is flushed with the zodiac, and the toilet is pressed in the zodiac position. Whose zodiac has this problem, whose luck is directly impacted and suppressed

Financial position

Bright and spacious financial position is the best layout. If it is closed, the financial resources will not be opened, and it will be difficult to find money. The financial position generally depends on the position of the 8 White Fortune Star, which is the best in clinical practice. If the location of the fortune star is a toilet or sundries, the fortune will be greatly affected.

House orientation

According to the direction of Feng Shui prosperity and decline, it has extremely adverse effects on the company or family.

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