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What will happen when a road directly facing your home?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

A customer asked me what impact would it have on me if there was a road directly facing my house? Thank you for your letter. In fact, this is what we call T street phenomenon in Feng Shui. Lu Chong means that there is a road directly rushing towards your house. There is no obstruction in between. It is called Lu Chong. Sometimes there is only Planting very small trees is still useless. If the house has a road rush, it is a kind of fire. It will cause serious damages to the health and wealth of the people living in it and cause very serious lawsuits. Some people like to live. The house in Luchong may be cheaper because of the wide view in front, but you may lose something while taking advantage of it. So whether it’s on the front, back, left, right, as long as a road directly rushes over the house without any obstruction in the middle, it is called Lu Chong. Some houses have walls on the first floor, but the second floor is still rushed by the road and rushed to the room. The body is prone to injuries and illnesses or even death, and it is more likely to get hurt in a car accident, because this represents a phenomenon of car accidents when driving, and it is easy to move when driving and collide with others and conflict with others. Or disagree. If Lu Chong came from the back of the house, it would be easy for villains to frame and slander you, and damage you everything. The house in Luchong often has money to stay at home and cannot stay at home. Some people think that the business of a store in Luchong will be better, but if you don’t understand feng shui, don’t try it. When the aura of the storefront is good, it will naturally lead to the prosperity of the good aura. However, many of the stores in Luchong are not very good. If the location of the store is not good, of course it will be stimulated. There will be more failures

The solution must be to plant trees or bamboo trees to block the road and rush to your house or use a convex mirror to illuminate the road and turn the qi back to resolve it, because it will affect the house because of the bad magnetic field. , When you use a mirror, you can reverse the bad aura. Feng Shui is the influence of the surrounding aura on us. As long as we pay a little attention, we can avoid a lot of bad influences and harm us.

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