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Understand the world trend of 2021, and use Feng Shui to change luck and prosperity

The 2021 Chinese New Year will begin on February 12. In 2021, we can expect peace, harmony and peace in the world. The year of the Golden Ox in 2021 will be a year of emotional, spiritual and economic reconstruction. In other words, the destruction caused by the 2020 pandemic, various conflicts, misunderstandings and general economic crises will become the starting point and standard for a new vision based on new and more feasible world economic development and technological evolution.

In the Chinese zodiac, the ox is second only to the mouse. This is why after starting a new 12-year cycle, Chinese astrologers regard it as the owner of the reconstruction year. The year of the rat, 2020, is a year that China, the United States, Japan, Israel, Italy, Spain and many other countries have caused many problems due to flu and economic crises. "The Year of the Taurus will be the year these countries try to consolidate their strength and fight the economic crisis in 2021. They and many other leaders will pay more attention to agriculture, housing construction and environmental protection measures.

The Year of the Taurus in 2021 is governed by the Yin Qi principle, which inspires our self, understanding and emotional warmth, immerses us in our personal lives and strengthens family relationships. Now is the time to connect with us, but also to find value, harmony and love in the interaction with our close friends and people. In the coming year of Taurus, both financially and emotionally, the hard work and perseverance of monkeys in recent years will be rewarded. Given the direct conflict between cattle and sheep, we can foresee the next sign that the sheep will be a very unfavorable year. Meetings between local people with these signs will be marked as uncertain, forced to change residences, company headquarters, accidents or major adverse changes.

The area where the conflict occurred in 2021 #2 Black Disease Star is in the north this year, #5 Unfortunately and Disease Star is in the southeast this year, #3 Bixing Guanfei is in the southwest, Tai Sui is in the northeast and Sansha is in the east.

According to Feng Shui, the colors by 2021 are: metallic gray and aqua blue. This year's lucky numbers will be 5, 7, 16, 23, 81. The impact of metallic elements in 2021 Metals are the most expensive feng shui element. In ancient times, metal was only found in the houses of wealthy people. In feng shui, metal is of overwhelming importance because it can counteract the effects of the worst flying stars: the two black disease stars and the evil five yellow stars.

What are the metal feng shui elements that can be used in our houses?

Static metal trays, vases, candle holders, plates, fruit bowls, statues, moving metal objects: metal wind chimes, gongs, Tibetan bowls. What are the benefits of using metal in Feng Shui? You can improve your sleep and health, you can become more sociable, you can achieve greater success in weight loss, you can have a higher chance of pregnancy, you can prevent financial leakage and bad luck, and you can inspire future prosperity. What happens if you use metal incorrectly from a Feng Shui perspective? You may face betrayal, lack of appreciation, may weaken your own prosperity, may encounter problems of aggression and theft, and there may be endless conflicts at home. In order to make full use of the positive energy and eliminate the negative energy in the house or office, it must be placed in an appropriate house or workplace according to the fleeting sky flying stars, and remedial measures for specific stars must be used to enhance the corresponding elements Room or area.

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