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The treasure of Feng Shui is under the bed. Put something under the bed to make you rich!

In home feng shui, many people tend to pay more attention to external things, such as living room feng shui, bathroom feng shui, kitchen feng shui, bedroom feng shui, etc. The importance of these feng shui to the family is self-evident. Pay more or less attention. In fact, we often neglect the feng shui under the bed. The quality of the feng shui under the bed also affects the wealth and fortune of a family.

Feng Shui at the bottom of the bed is a part of Feng Shui in the bedroom. Keeping the bottom of the bed clean is one of the key points of Feng Shui in the bedroom. Sometimes in order to save space or for the sake of beauty, many people will pile some seldom used things under the bed. Although this will not cause unsightly problems, but stacking things under the bed will not only accumulate dust or insects over time, but also produce unclean bad luck, which will easily cast a shadow on love, and interaction with each other is also prone to poor communication problems.

I believe that many people choose beds with their own lockers in order to save space and to store items. If many commonly used items are placed under the bed, perhaps items that have not been used for a long time, it is easy for the occupants to have emotional problems, and it is also easy to leak money and encounter hypocrites. Therefore, when choosing a bed, it is best not to choose a bed with a locker. If you have already selected it, it is best to tidy up the locker at the bottom of the bed. Do not put any clutter. You can put some bedding, such as a summer mat. Quilts and so on. Too many items under the bed can easily disturb one's own aura. If your aura is chaotic, you will still be affected in the end. If you find that your emotions are bad recently, your marriage has problem, your have money lost problem, or your career has encountered backstabbers , you should pay attention to liquidating the items under your bed, otherwise it will be bad luck to you.

Many people are accustomed to putting valuables under the bed. On the one hand, because the bed is a relatively secret place, it is not easy to attract attention. On the other hand, it can be guarded day and night and placed under the bed for peace of mind, so under the bed has gradually become a safe. Therefore, placing the safe under the bed is equivalent to placing a treasury, which has a certain effect of attracting money. All containers that can hold things, such as storage boxes, suitcases, etc., should be placed under the bed. These containers themselves can store money and things, and put them under the bed to attract money and avoid bankruptcy. Put all kinds of containers under the bed, gold and silver jewelry and other things can be stored in it, which can play a role in gathering wealth. Therefore, placing some containers under the bed can improve the fortune of the family and make money.

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