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Rooster's overall fortune in 2020

Lucky colors are blue and gold

Taboo colors will be black and purple

Roosters born in different chicken years have different fortune !!

1945 Rooster

The zodiac Rooster in 2020 has a good fortune overall, with little worry about money, ample pensions, filial children, and occasionally gambling, buying lottery tickets, and playing mahjong. However, we must pay attention to everything, and accept it when you see it. Don't be too paranoid. Be careful not to lose money. In terms of health, as the age grows, it is recommended to control the intake of tobacco and alcohol to prevent diseases such as bronchus, liver, and stomach. However, in terms of interpersonal communication, we must control our temper, avoid excessive disputes with others, keep our emotions calm, and have a broad mindset.


1957 Rooster

In the first half of 2020, the zodiac Rooster is in a bad fortune. Pay attention to details in your career, be careful and cautious in your work, avoid lapses, be calm when you are in trouble, refer to the opinions of your predecessors, and learn to relax your mind properly. Do not be overly tense and be mentally stressed. Greater impact on health. The fortune is normal, the income is stable, and there is no additional bonus income; but the investment luck is poor, avoiding unreliable investments such as high risk and high income. At the end of the year, the fortune will rise, and there will be noble people to assist, be sure to grasp the opportunity.


1969 Rooster

The zodiac Rooster in 2020 has ups and downs, and there is no fixed direction of development. People who do business must learn to actively fight, use social occasions to know more nobles, establish cooperative relationships and maintain stable contacts, and set goals and plans for themselves. It can stimulate your potential, challenge your limits, and strive to move forward towards your goal. This year's health is poor, and the busy schedule of work leads to disordered physical mechanisms. Elderly people should reasonably arrange work and work schedules. Do not overwork, be careful to cause occupational diseases such as shoulder, cervical spine, etc. Avoid traveling alone in daily life, pay attention to traffic safety.


1981 Rooster

In 2020, the zodiac Rooster is not going well, the work pressure is too high, the workplace environment is poor, and the personal talents cannot be fully displayed. There are also villains talking behind it, and there is a block in money. It is recommended to focus on conservative and stable financial management at the beginning of the year, do not advocate expanding business scope, try to use free time to enhance professional knowledge, handle interpersonal relationships, and maintain contact with customers. Reserve energy and wait for the opportunity to mature. Mid-year fortune can take this opportunity. Turn things around. In terms of emotions, the zodiac chicken has an awkward personality and is unwilling to tell the truth. It is easy to cause many unnecessary misunderstandings. It is recommended to be proactive in marriage and create small surprises from time to time to make the other party feel full of love.


1993 Rooster

Entering 2020, the zodiac Rooster has a good fortune overall. It is recommended to improve work efficiency and spend more time studying work-related technical knowledge. Keeping a humble and eager attitude, using your free time to enhance your knowledge and improve your work skills, you will definitely get a good return by the end of the year. In daily life, you must be humble and polite to your elders and control your emotions. In terms of emotion, the zodiac chicken is not sensitive to this. Singles dare not take the initiative to fight for it, and it is easy to miss opportunities. Married peach blossoms are more prosperous, and they must keep a distance to avoid third parties from interfering with the marriage.

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