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Perfect kitchen feng shui

The kitchen in life is an important area for cooking in daily life. Of course, delicious food also requires a beautiful environment. Good motion design and decoration can make the cook's mood more beautiful, but in fact, in addition to these, The kitchen is also exquisite with Feng Shui, so what are the taboos of Feng Shui in kitchen decoration? Let's take a look!

1. Kitchen door orientation

In the layout of many houses, the kitchen is easily opposed to the bedroom or bathroom. This kind of Feng Shui layout is very bad. If the kitchen door is facing the bedroom door, it is easy to cause the owner to experience trance, upset, irritability, quarrels, etc., which is not conducive to family harmony and tranquility. If the kitchen door is facing the bathroom door, it will cause a conflict between water and fire, which will easily affect the owner's wealth and emotions.

If the home kitchen is in this layout, a curtain can be hung on the kitchen door, which can dissolve airflow, neutralize water and fire, and regulate luck.

2. Kitchen location

In many communities, the kitchen layout will be in the west and northwest, both of which are actually not good. Because the kitchen belongs to fire, the northwest and the west belong to the metal. The two are in conflict. If the kitchen is arranged in this position, the owner will easily suffer from bad luck, poor spirits, and loss of financial resources.

If the kitchen layout has been determined, then a pot of green plants can be placed in the kitchen to resolve it. The reason is that green plants eventually contain the three attributes of wood, water, and soil, so that the five elements can grow together without any impact on the owner.

3. Stove and sink

In the decoration of small apartment houses, the stove and sink are usually designed on the opposite side, which violates the taboo of feng shui and fire.

It is best to design it into an L shape, so that the airflow of the stovetop and the sink will not form a conflict.

4. The kitchen door should not face the toilet door

The source of the family’s appetite is the stove, and the kitchen represents fire and the toilet represents water. Water and fire are incompatible. The kitchen has high hygiene requirements, and the toilet is a place with relatively strong smell. Although the toilet exhaust system is better, there is still the smell of the toilet when cooking, so it is not recommended to install the kitchen facing the toilet door.

5. Washing machines should not be placed in the kitchen

The kitchen is a place with a lot of oily smoke. If the washing machine is placed in the kitchen for a long time, the washing machine will be dirty and affect the appearance of the washing machine. The kitchen is where we cook food. The kitchen must be clean and hygienic. The washing machine is used to wash daily clothes, which will contain more bacteria. Putting it in the kitchen will have a certain impact on the hygiene of the kitchen. At the same time, if the drainage system of the washing machine is not properly treated, water will overflow into the kitchen, causing water to accumulate in the kitchen . So if your home space is not too small, it is best not to put the washing machine in the kitchen.

6. The stove in the kitchen cannot be opposite to the refrigerator

The stove, kitchen utensils, etc. in the kitchen are all fire, while the refrigerator is water. If the refrigerator is opposite to the stove, there will be water and fire. Therefore, when customizing the cabinet design, the sink, refrigerator and stove must be kept for a period of time. distance.

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