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Northwest can make a fortune in 2022

In 2022, if there is a lot of debris in the northwest, it will be prone to poor wealth and fortune in 2022. This is the location of the family's wealth. Don't accumulate too many messy things in this position of your home, especially those engaged in venture capital and financial industries, to pay attention to this, otherwise you will encounter major setbacks in the workplace. If you plan to go out and seek job opportunities, you can also consider going to the northwest. On the way forward, you will encounter many good opportunities, and you may also get to know high level people. With their help and guidance of friends, you will definitely be able to achieve great success in a short time.

Where there are sundries in the northwest that do not converge and are chaotic, the luck of the owner will tend to decline this year, especially for people in the technology industry, real estate industry, mining, and agriculture. This trend is more obvious. If it is an office and the room is in the northwest, you should consider changing the location when conditions permit. In such a feng shui environment, whether it is work or life, it is easy to make some mistakes and cause minor troubles. Therefore, we must be careful everywhere and do not place red products in the northwest.

   Ways of Prosperity: You can place some mascots that promote wealth in the northwest, such as crystals, gold and silver jewelry, etc., to help improve wealth.

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