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Investment property Feng Shui

The investment property related to your wealth, a good Feng Shui property you will make money and less trouble ,a bad feng shui property you wont make money and more troubles.So you should even take care more about the Feng Shui,make it as best as possible .

What feng shui you should pay attention to for your investment Property?

When buying an investment property, of course many people pay attention to how much money they can make? Is the return on investment high? But sometimes when You took over, You found that the turnover rate of tenants was high, and not as your expectations,many troubles happening all the time and the loss more than the gain.

The following are some Feng Shui for the investment property you must pay attention to.

1. Buying an investment property is ideally to make more money with less troubles,feng shui will shift every 20 years ,the property direction is important,If the direction of the house and the location of the door are not correct, it won’t have good feng shui , it will cause the tenants to live in the house to be prone to work instability,money lost ,so unable to pay the rent or the tenants often Change so the direction of the house and the location of the door opening should be correct.

2. The internal structure of the house is also very important, because if the tenant’s room layout is not properly ,it will also cause the tenants unlucky and suffer many things, poor health, poor work bad fortune, and financial problems.what is improper layout for the room?

for example the room is not square ,it’s triangle shape and missing corner,ceiling have a rotating electric Fan,Bathroom Facing the bed ,The closet has Mirror facing the bed and so on ,If you can improve them then you can prevent the tenant keep changing Or make too much trouble to you.

3. The property should be followed the basic feng shui rules,the property should not at T street or too many trees cause property too dark , or location high on the front, low on the back, or high on the right and low on the left left. You still have to follow the basic Feng Shui rules. Don’t be too messy around the house or too many electrical poles, too much electricity wire will cause confusion in the nearby magnetic field. It will cause tenant to change easily, and many disputes also cause the tenants to be unstable, so your income is unstable

4. The structure of the house should not be too old. A house that is too old is not easy to be damaged and has poor resistance to the outside. It often needs repairs. If the tenants live in it, due to less protection their health and luck will also affect their income.

5. If near by environment of the investment Property is very messy and poor, you must take precautions with feng shui to protect your investment .

if the tenants live in unrest, unhealthy , their work is easy to change and also affect their income, the external environment is difficult to control, so investment property It is still necessary to keep it tidy and clean and pay attention to whether there is any external evil spirit around and prevent it in advance . Not only help the tenants also will help yourself to make the investment smoothly and get rich.

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