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Feng Shui on uneven floor

Feng shui uses water as wealth, and uneven floor does not gather wealth. Because the living room is a place where a family gathers together, it has the function of communicating feelings and educating children. At the same time, the living room is also a place to receive guests, which has an important influence on the owner's career. The floor in the living room must be sturdy, flat, and not damaged. If any damage is found, replace the damaged place with a new one immediately. Some cold floors (such as marble floors) should be covered with carpets as much as possible. No matter what kind of material the floor is, it should not be uneven, let alone have too many steps or up snd down designed.

Some people like to distinguish the levels of the living room design so that the floor has high and low changes. Although this looks beautiful and unique, this design is not good in Feng Shui.

The uneven floor in addition to bring inconvenience and danger to children and the elderly. It will also make the family luck ups and downs.

In some old houses, due to the inherent topography ,the floor of the home will be uneven, or the homeowner will design the floor with undulations based on aesthetics. These factors will affect the fortune of the occupants and sometimes cause activities Inconvenient at times.

Uneven floor is bad for reputation outside in Feng Shui, Inside, it is easy to cause accidental injury, such as neurasthenia, etc.; if the floor of the room is tilted, the wealth will be leaked, and family luck will tend to decline.

●There are several situations of uneven floor:

1. High left and low right: there will be the effect of being bullied and toil.

2. High right and low left: there will be blood and light accidents, which will affect the male fortune in the family

3. High in the front and low in the back: there will be a decline in family luck.

4. Floor decoration level: bumpy prospects, unexpected accidents.

Another situation is that the house is built on an unstable base. On the foundation, this kind of house has been damaged due to the collapse of the foundation for a long time, causing the floor tiles in the home to be damaged and uneven,

Unstable foundations will cause damage to the entire structure of the house. It is recommended to move the house as the best policy, and the floor is also uneven.

It means that there will be many twists and turns in a lifetime.

Another situation is caused by poor construction, which may be caused by the builders cutting corners when grouting.

The construction is not rigorous enough, the level is not measured, and the steel bars are not well tied, resulting in uneven floor, which is also kind of uneven floor .

All in all, the uneven floor of the living room will cause a bumpy future and a decline in wealth.

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