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Feng Shui coffee table in the living room

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

The coffee table in the living room represents whether we have someone who will help us in our career work, so these auxiliary tools cannot be ignored. Now let's take a look at what feng shui we should pay attention to?

1. If the space in front of the sofa is not sufficient, you can put the "coffee table" next to the sofa. Place Feng Shui on the "coffee table" in the living room, and place the "coffee table" on both sides of the sofa, just like a blue dragon and a white tiger guarding each other. Let the owner of the home seem to have left and right hand assistance. This arrangement not only makes reasonable use of the space, but also conforms to the Feng Shui arrangement of the "coffee table" in the living room.

2. The height of the coffee table must be coordinated with the other furniture in the living room, so as to drive the feng shui of the entire living room. The correct placement of the "coffee table" is the first step to a smooth career.

3. The size of the coffee table

1. The table top of the coffee table should be slightly higher than the cushion of the sofa, and the highest should not exceed the height of the armrest of the sofa. Do not deliberately pursue visual conflicts and affect the overall Feng Shui.

4. The aspect ratio of the coffee table should match the area enclosed by the sofa and the aspect ratio of the living room. If you enlarge the coffee table in the small living room, it will be overwhelming; if you put the small coffee table in the large living room, it will be insignificant.


5. Coffee table color

When the tea table is placed in Feng Shui, the color of the tea table must be combined with the owner's numerology, so that it will be more beneficial to the owner's fortune.

1. If numerology is like wood, choose a "green" tea table.

2. If numerology likes fire, then choose a "red" or "purple" tea table.

3. If numerology likes water, choose a "black" or "blue" tea table.

4. If numerology likes gold, then choose a "white" tea table.

5. If numerology likes earth, then choose a "yellow" or "earth yellow" tea table.

However, when choosing the color of the "coffee table", you should also refer to the color of the surrounding furniture to avoid too much color deviation. In addition to considering the color suitable for the homeowner's five elements, you should also consider the energy of the azimuth aura to match the five elements. Is the most perfect.

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