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Basic Feng shui theory

Roger Lan feng shui

There is a mountain behind the house, which means that there is a backing, so that people can live in peace and stability. Water represents wealth in Feng Shui, so the ancients believed that “you will get rich when you encounter water and use water as a source of wealth”. There is a flow of water in front of the house, which means that there is a steady stream of wealth.

The basic requirement for people to have good feng shui is to back the mountains and face the water, but if there is a pond or puddle in front of the door, it is stagnant water, which means that there is no circulation of money and no money. And this kind of water tends to breed mosquitoes in summer, which is also bad feng shui.

The ancient people's awe of nature is not lacking in superstition due to the limitation of historical conditions. But on the whole, Feng Shui ultimately means that people and nature should live in harmony.

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