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Bad luck, use these 7 methods to transfer

People are afraid that their wealth is bad. So, how do you transfer if your wealth is bad? How to solve bad luck? Let's see how to transfer wealth!

1. Feng Shui at home is very important

A house must meet two basic conditions,

Only qualified to increase wealth. First of all, there must be plenty of sunlight. The sunlight can penetrate into the house to bring auspicious spirit. The auspicious spirit here refers to the maintenance of human health. In Feng Shui, sunshine represents people, and only when the population is healthy can it be able to attract wealth.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use too thick curtains in the home, because it will block the sun,block the shining of auspicious spirit; of course, it can not be too thin, otherwise it will form a light evil. Secondly, the air should be smooth. In Feng Shui, airflow represents the operation of wealth, and indoor air must circulate smoothly to prosper wealth. Generally speaking, after opening the window, the wind blowing into the house from the outside should not be too big, and gentle gentle wind is the best; in short, the indoor airflow is best in winter and cool in summer.

2.The placement of furniture and electrical appliances will also affect wealth

. Do not place the TV or air conditioner in the five yellow star position.This will affect the health of the people in the house.

Naturally, people’s wealth is unfavorable

(Where are the five yellows star at home? It is recommended to ask a professional teacher for assistance)

.If you can’t change the location of the furniture, or don’t know the location of the house, you can put metal or copper objects on the TV or air conditioner to resolve

.The refrigerator and washing machine should not be pointed at the cooking stove. This is a violation and will affect the stomach and fortune of the people in the house.

.The TV and air conditioner in the bedroom should not be at the head of the bed, so as not to affect the fortune of the owner

.If the scenery outside the window has factors that are not conducive to feng shui, you can plant plants on the window sill to reduce the evil effect; you can also use spotlights to shoot at the window sill or plants, which also has the effect of attracting money

. Placing a pair of black and white elephants on the window sill can also have the effect of attracting money, but the trunk of the elephant must be downward, so that it can absorb money.

3. Use mascots to improve luck and increase wealth

Putting some mascots in the financial position can increase wealth. A mascot that can be placed in the financial position,Such as Pi Xiu, citrine ball, big family money-gathering coins, civil and military wealth god and Ruyi jade, etc.; can be placed according to each person's preference, and finally achieve the purpose of increasing wealth fortune with the help of mascots. Need to remind everyone,

The placement of the mascot has a certain relationship with the horoscope. It is recommended that when choosing a mascot that has undergone formal consecration, you should also accept the guidance of Zhouyi Fengshui experts to place or wear it correctly.

4.change mood and fortune.

Everyone knows that bad luck will lead to a bad mood. If you are in a bad mood, your luck will be worse. This is a vicious circle. Therefore, when you are bad, you must control yourself to turn your mood around and have a good attitude. , If you are in a good mood, your good fortune will soon turn around. Don’t always worry about it Bad luck and bad mood.

5. Change clothes.

It's best to change the clothes you wear when you are out of luck, including underwear, as soon as possible. Not only do you need to change the style, but more importantly, you must change the color and use the opposite color. For example, if you don’t wear red or green at times, replace it with black, blue or gold.

6. Replace a lower position.

In a room, there are also different five element auras in different directions. A room can be divided into east, west, south, north and There are nine directions in the southeast, northeast, southwest, northwest and central palace. The five element auras in these nine directions are different. If your luck is not smooth, the aura of the prescribed position may damage your luck, so you should switch to the opposite position.If it is and office,Then move the direction of the office to the opposite side, If it is at home, if conditions permit,You can also adjust the direction of the bed.

7. Visit a formal temple nearby

Don’t think this is unnecessary, because the reason why you are unlucky is because the environment is harmful, the heart is polluted and confused, and the temple is a pure holy place with a very good aura.

It can eliminate some bad breaths, so to worship in the temple is to eliminate pollution.Get back a pure heart, return to your nature, in exchange for good luck

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