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Fengshui Wooden Shanhai Town Bagua Mirror

Fengshui Wooden Shanhai Town Bagua Mirror

  • "Wooden" Shan Hai Town based on solid element to pray for good luck.
  • In order to increase the mobility of the family and the whole company, it is good to put the front side of the entrance in the direction of the entrance in the room where people gather in the living room, the dining room and the meeting room.
  • In the copper plate which wishes the luck of fortune in the forehead, the mountain that invites the Dragon pulse, the sea that is full of life, the convex mirror, and the eight dynasties board which stabilizes the mind, the sun, the moon, the light of the light, the Chinju, the invocation, and the treasure, and the good luck words and the patterns of all the luck prayers, such as machiyozan, goji zonin and Yoho no kijin .
  • In addition, when the retainer (to your home, please pay attention to your family) as a mirror reflected.
  • Size: 7.6*0.6*7.6inch/19*1.5*19cm,Forehead: wooden