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What is the best direction to buy a house in 2021?

Since ancient times, the direction of buying a house is based on Feng Shui. "A good start is half the battle." and houses in different directions have different Feng Shui fortunes. If you plan to buy a house in 2021 are all consulting "the best sitting direction to buy a house in 2021", then 2021 Which direction of the house is good for the year?

1. Facing West

If the direction is towards the west, it means that this family is often very lucky, which means that they will have a lot of good things happening in a period of time. Such people are very lucky and their luck It's very good, and I can meet particularly good things, so this direction is a more auspicious direction.

2. Facing Northeast

There will be nine purple stars in the northeast in 2021, which will help marriage and affection, so if you buy a house in the northeast, it will be of great help to your relationship fortune in the future. Especially for the marriage relationship, it can have a stronger stabilizing effect, can strengthen the relationship between the husband and wife, and make the welcome life more harmonious and happy.

3. Facing South

If the house faces the south, they can often flourish their careers. People in this house often have very good career fortunes in the future, and they are not only for one person, but for the entire family members. The career development is very smooth, and the entire interpersonal relationship is also very good, so the network is very wide.

4. Facing East

In 2021, there will be four green Wenquxing stars in the East. Wenquxing's career and official luck are also prosperous. Therefore, if the residence orientation or the location of the study or the location of the company's office is in the east, it will be of great help to the career fortune and Wenchang fortune in 2021. .

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