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What feng shui will hinder your career?

In our work and life, no matter how hard you try, you will always encounter some unsatisfactory things, such as blocked career development, tension with your boss; poor financial status, poor income and expenditure, etc. If it is just a short-term discomfort, it is most likely caused by bad luck in the middle of the year; but if it is a long-term continuous work discomfort and a successful career, then you have to see if there is a problem with the feng shui at home, causing Your career is blocked and bad luck continues.

Here are some bad home feng shui layouts. If you have this situation in your home, you need to adjust and resolve it in time to avoid adverse feng shui from continuing to affect your career and life.

The external environment of the house is not good

The so-called external environment refers to the external environment around your house. If there are some unfavorable factors, it will directly affect yourself.

1. There is a adverse object outside the house

If there are adverse feng shui objects around the house, it will bring adverse effects to yourself, such as sharp corners or knife-shaped buildings facing your house; or transformers, light poles, viaducts in front the house T street,these will have evil spirits, as long as they rush into the house ,It is not good for yourself, either because your career is hindered, or your wealth is not strong, or your health is impaired.

2. There is unfavorable feng shui around the house

It mainly means that there are unfavorable buildings around their houses, such as facing hospitals, courts, and police stations; there are graveyards and prisons near the houses. Furthermore, the house is isolated or in the middle of a tall building, but you live in a very low position, you can't see the sun, or you are in a low-lying terrain, etc., which will also affect your luck and your career. It is difficult to see the results with any effort.

The internal structure of the house is unreasonable

1. There is a problem with the front door

Your front door has a very important role in Feng Shui. The main business and wealth of the person is in charge, no matter whether it is an office or a residence, if your front door is directly opposite the stairs or elevator; the front door and the balcony door (or back door) are directly facing each other ,the door is too narrow or too small and so on, the all meaning money comes and goes, it is not good for family luck, and your work and career will often face discomfort.

Solution : You can close the balcony door easily, and add a cloth curtain, or place a high cabinet, screen, etc. between the door and the balcony door to block it. If the door is narrow, it is better to change it to a larger one. If the door cannot be made bigger and wider ,you can use a brighter light outside the door. It is better to use white light to illuminate the space inside and outside the door and strengthen the energy of the door.

2. The living room is too small

The living room is a place where the whole family meets, and it also takes charge of the owner's career and official position. If the living room is too small, the owner's work and career will be in trouble. If you are in a leadership position, you will not be able to sit firmly in the position of chief officer and leader, and the position is vulnerable to challenges and coercion.

Solution : If the living room is too small, it is advisable to clean the living room, store and arrange the items as much as possible, free up more space in the living room, and use brighter lights to light up, which can be shared with yellow (spherical) white light To make the atmosphere and space of the living room more relaxing. At the same time, a natural white crystal column can be arranged in a more obvious position in the living room. With the radiation energy of crystal and pointed column type, the fortune of the chief and the leader can be stably highlighted.

3. Insufficient indoor light

Everyone knows that sunlight is dynamic and can bring us a good mood. If there is a lack of sunlight indoors for many years, it will increase the yin and adversely affect the mood of the person, causing the person to be depressed, not ambitious, and will cause illness for a long time.

Solution : If there is no sunlight in the room, you can turn on a light to strengthen the indoor and increase the yang.

4. Cross beam pressing

Beam pressing is to have a beam above your head, such as a sofa, bed, desk, and office chair under the beam, and if you often sit and lie here, you will easily produce tension, fear, and pressure. Now, it will definitely have a great impact on psychology, and it will also suppress your own luck, and your career will naturally be blocked.

Solution : Do not sit or lie under the beam for a long time. If it is unavoidable, hang a string of plant gourds on the beam to dispel the grief generated by the beam.

5. House missing corner

The lack of corners in the house is just like the lack of certain organs in the human body, especially the lack of position in charge of the cause, the impact is even greater. There are three places in the house that must not be missing corners: northwest, southwest, and northeast. The northwest is representing fathers, leaders, supervisors, nobles, and mansions; the southwest is representing mothers, executives, nobles, wealth, cooperation, and tolerance; the northeast represents the entire family luck. If these three positions in the home are missing, it will make your career unsuccessful, poor leadership, unhappy cooperation with people, poor financial luck, and career failure.

Solution method : Place Taishan stone at the position of the missing corner to stabilize the magnetic field and resolve the missing corner.

6. The house is cluttered

The house is filthy and untidy. The bed is like a garbage dump. The door is a shop selling shoes. Such an environment is not conducive to success. Of course, wealth is also a matter of money.

Solution : Organize the room on time and keep the house tidy.

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