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This arrangement in 2021 will make you prosperous for a whole year!

This arrangement in 2021 will make you prosperous for a whole year!

Do you want to use the furnishings of your home environment to improve your luck in the new year? As the saying goes, "One fate, two luck, three geomantic omen, four ancestor virtues, five readings." It can be seen that geography and geomantic omen have a great influence on people, and land fate and home fate are not static, but will follow the nine planets. The operation of the power plant produces different changes. Therefore, you should pay attention to the changes in the magnetic field in each new year to achieve good luck and avoid bad luck, so that good luck will flourish every year.

Standing in the center of the indoor layout of your home or company, use a compass or compass to find the correct north, south, east, and west, and arrange the Feng Shui according to the following year's best location to usher in good Feng Shui and wealth.

◎Southern Popularity

The South dominates interpersonal relationships, careers, and heterosexual relationships. You can place flowering plants or place pink crystal balls in this location to increase heterosexual relationships and interpersonal relationships, and improve career luck. But be careful not to display fake flowers or large empty cabinets or large vases to avoid adverse effects

◎Central stagecoach

"Stage Horse Star" is in charge of promotion and relocation. When you are in a position that you don’t like, or if you want to change, you can’t get your wish. You can set up a metal or ceramic earthen horse in your home or office, and the horse can’t lie down. , To stand or run, and the horse's head to the door, can often make you want to get what you want.

◎Western financial position

In the West this year, the chairman of the board of directors who is in charge of wealth and investment profits, opening companies, factories, and stores, or general investors who buy stocks and funds, or practitioners who need performance such as selling cars, insurance, and real estate, can place "reminders" here. The flowing water basin, or the cornucopia or crystal cave, can improve performance, increase financial resources, and prosper wealth.

◎Oriental Wenchang Star

To dominate Wenchang this year, test and wisdom can be connected by four brushes with red lines, and use red paper to write the person’s name, date of birth, hang it at that location, or display a pot of green plants. For those facing the test, You can increase your exam luck and focus your attention. Company leaders, supervisors, and cadres can help them make correct judgments and improve work efficiency and performance.

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