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In 2022 , East will cause conflict, struggle, and quarrel

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

in 2021 , the West of your home is most prosperous place for seeking wealth, but Feng shui change every year,From the perspective of feng shui in 2022, it is not suitable to seek wealth in the west anymore of the family; the palace in the family is easy to cause evil and get hurt . In terms of feng shui, there will be a certain difference between the good and bad positions of different year and there will be certain changes.

Feng Shui in the East in 2022 is about competition, conflict, struggle, and quarrel. The living rooms of some large houses often have sofas or dining tables placed in the east. Such a layout will often inspire family members in this area this year. Controversy. However, it is beneficial for people in special industries, such as judges, lawyers, debaters, athletes and other professions.

Resolve method:

This year, the home is not decorated in the East, etc., avoid green, blue or green plants. If the door, bedroom, or office are in this position, you can put a red or purple carpet at the door to help resolve it. In addition, you should abide by laws and regulations, handle files carefully, and place a pair of stone lion ornaments in this position to avoid verbal and official wrongs.

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