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How to lay out the financial position?

How to lay out the financial position

1. The financial position should be vigorous, you can put some plants with lush branches and leaves, but pay attention, these plants

It is best not to use water for cultivation with mud. The roots of water-cultured plants are not stable, which means that there is no foundation for wealth. Do not put some thorny cactus plants in the financial position. Choose plants with large leaves and broad leaves, and plants with large leaves mean big money

2 Wealth should be kept clean

At ordinary times, you should keep it clean and do not put trash cans, etc., otherwise it will deface the financial position and greatly reduce the fortune of wealth.

3 Wealth position should be bright

This location should not always be dark and dim. Turn on the light to illuminate this place, and if it is bright, you will have good fortune, which will greatly help your fortune. Darkness is not conducive to wealth luck, and it will make the fortune prone to instability, or easy to be hindered in seeking wealth, encounter some twists and turns, and so on.

4 financial positions are suitable for sleeping

A person spends a lot of time in the bed in his life, and the good or bad position of the bed has a great influence on the fortune. If the bed is placed on the financial position, lying on the financial position and sleeping, it will have a great influence on the fortune. benefit.

5 financial position is suitable for sitting

The wealth position is where the wealth aura is. Sitting on the wealth position can infuse more wealth aura, and the wealth luck will naturally improve. Don’t let customers sit in this position, otherwise the customers will take away your wealth luck.

6 Lucky ornaments should be placed in the financial position

The wealth position is the place where prosperity gathers. If you place some auspicious objects for attracting wealth, such as the statue of the Wenwu God of Wealth, it will add good luck to the place, and it will be the icing on the cake. Another ideal method is to place Pixiu, toads, crystals, and cornucopias on the wealth table in the living room to urge wealth, especially for those who are engaged in public office, foreign exchange, stocks, finance, etc., and they all have the effect of urging wealth.

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