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How to choose the door mat color in 2021?

The front door is the key to our household luck and the place where the wealth of our family comes in and out. The importance of door feng shui to home feng shui cannot be ignored. The color of the door mat is also very important. If you can use the color appropriately every year to increase your wealth, it will be even better.

How to choose the color of the door floor mat in 2021?

The door is facing the East:

This position of urging prosperity can bring good Wenchang fortune to the family. For those who are engaged in literary and artistic work, they can also achieve breakthroughs and advancements in their careers and gain a lot. This year, the East is the position of Wenchang, so green carpets should be placed, and then four five emperor coins should be placed under the carpets to promote prosperity.

The gate to the southeast: This year, there will be disasters, diseases, injuries, deaths and other things in this direction. All houses with doors, windows, seats, beds, and stoves located in the southeast will be prone to accidents this year and need to be extra careful. , It is advisable to put white carpet, and then put five copper coins under the carpet to enhance health.

The door goes south: This year there will be Mercury in the south, which can bring positive and upward changes in people's career life, enhance personal career popularity, and can enhance love fortune and bring romance opportunities. Dark blue or black ground should be used. Felt enhances peach blossom and fate.

The gate is facing southwest: this year, there will be lawsuits and disputes in this position. If you don’t pay attention to resolve it, it may bring good and bad disasters, which is not good for your health. The accident risk is more likely to accompany you. It is advisable to put purple carpet and then place it under Nine five emperors money to resolve.

The door faces west: The west is where the wealth of households will be in 2021. If you want to stimulate the wealth and luck of your family, you can arrange this position well. It is advisable to put brown carpet, and then under the carpet eight five emperors money to enhance the positive wealth.

The door to the northwest: This year this direction is more beneficial to the sideline industries, such as hosts and celebrities, who can be used in these industries. With their help, they can help the career develop well, achieve both fame and fortune, and make money. But for those who work normally, try to avoid talking about business and investment in this position this year, otherwise the progress of the event will fail and the fortune of the fortune will decline, so black, blue or gray carpets should be put on the floor.

The gate to the north: This position will bring violent disasters, disasters, and accidents this year, which is not good for health and will also cause larger diseases. Where the door, stove, sofa, and dining table are in this disease position, it may bring disease, and the health of the family is also hit. It is advisable to put white carpet, and then put five copper coins under the carpet to enhance health.

The door to the northeast: the northeast is auspicious and happy this year, the family's career is smooth, the promotion is expected, the wealth is diversified, and the achievements are dazzling. It can also bring good popularity, recruit noble people to the door, and promote good deeds in marriage and relationships. Prosperity in marriage and prosperity, prosperity and wealth. It is advisable to put a purple carpet, and then put nine five emperors money underneath to promote marriage, giving birth to children and other festive events.

I hope you will be able to go smoothly in 2021, be satisfied, and have good luck every year!

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