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As a Feng Shui Specialist ,how do I read your home?

There are some customers asking How do I set the Feng Shui when I get to the property ?Hi,my name is Roger Lan with FD Feng shui consultant, First When I get to the property , I won’t use compass right away,I will check the outside environment first,I wanna see if anything will affect to the house .Because Outside environment actually is more important compare with inside ,because inside can be changed but outside very difficult to change,the majority things I will check as electric poles, big tree,T street ,neighborhood and so on,if anything exist at the wrong location and affect to the house ,I will give the owner suggestion right away. Second, I will use the compass to measure the house's orientation and ask when the house was built,most of time I will do some research online before I go to the appointment,because most of homeowner don't know when it was built. Third,I will calculate the flying stars for the whole house.the flying stars are most effective way to find out energy distribution for the property . Forth, according to the flying stars,I will analyze the problem of each area . When I judging the flying stars also I will ask the owner's their zodiac and birthday ,because people live in the room will affect by the room , before set up Feng shui , we need to find out what do they missing in their destiny then set up the Feng shui. Five,I will use flying star do the arrangement for living room, Kitchen, Restroom, office , sofa, toilet, all the bedrooms and come out will solution to balance the energy. Sixth,Find the Wealthy Location, each property has its own energy distribution after house built,according to compass I can see the best wealth location and I will provide my best suggestion to owner and how to maintain this area to make wealth growing. Seventh,Find the best energy location. Every house has the a location with best energy according to the year of house built,We all expect the front door is located at the best energy and money location,but not always do ,so I will find this energy location with flying star and compass ,I will suggest homeowner use it for home office or master bedroom to encrease wealth and improve health . Eight,Find the Wenchang position for kids,parent always wish kids smarter and have good performance at school ,the wenchang location will be very important for them,if the kids room at this location ,they will become smarter and successful in all field ,if kids bedroom is not right at the location ,it’s always has alternative solutions,maybe change desk location or adjust bed direction to achieve the result. Nine,Find the health position. If you want to be own wealth, you got to be a health person,also it's always benefit for the older people to use this location,the bed location is also a key point for health ,from the flying stars will get the right direction . Tenth, Feng shui is most considered at balance of this five-elements: Gold , Water, wood, Fire, Soil ,that is what I do for you ,Thank you for watching and see you next time.

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